After Amsterdam, The New Raw's Print Your City! project landed in Greece to actively engage the community in the plastic recycling process. Citizens can take their plastic waste to the 'Zero Waste Lab' collection point and thus allow the creation of customized urban furnishings, feeling ...


A coffee, please!

Sovrappensiero Studio has designed a new collection of products for the preparation and tasting of coffee for the historic brand Bialetti. Moka&More comes from a careful study of the organoleptic properties of coffee, from the beans to the powder and a thorough analysis of all ...

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Here are the furniture to work lying in the office.

The designer Geoffrey Pascal has created three innovative pieces of furniture that make it possible to work on the computer even when lying down. The original Grafeiophobia collection (which means "fear of the desk") was designed, in fact, for those who work from home, given that today ...

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M.A.DI, the folding house

M.A.DI. is a residential unit that can be folded. It’s a prefabricated house that can be assembled in just 6 hours, designed and built in Italy in Città Sant'Angelo, in Abruzzo. The construction of the M.A.DI. house is realized using different modules, composing them according to the required metrature: a module ...

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Décor: what to choose in 2018?

Comfortable, practical, traditional or designer, our homes should reflect our style. 2018 sees many innovations in the world of décor, as well as in the world of accessories, which are becoming increasingly important.  Most recent trends include Vintage style and unusual details such as: king-size flowers, jungle effect ...

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Hotel, Art and Design

If you love travelling and also have a passion for art and design, Tokyo is just the place for you and where you could experience something truly unique! In the Akiba district – one of Tokyo’s most famous and modern areas – a very interesting project is taking ...

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The Vertical Forest

Sustainability and the fight against pollution, are – in our time – two necessary fundamentals in order to combat climate change. Extensive research shows that in 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in cities, which now use as much as 75% of all natural resources and ...

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Avoid these common mistakes when furnishing your home

Furnishing your home means freely expressing your artistic soul by choosing common and/or unique items that convey your creative self. Time, effort, attention to detail and great passion are sometimes not enough to prevent us from making mistakes. Nobody's perfect, and so no matter how big or small, the ...

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From prison to luxury hotel

Who would have thought of entering a prison and never wanting to leave? This is the case in Germany, specifically at the prison of Grabenallee, which from 1843 to 2008 held countless criminals. Today it welcomes those looking for true relaxation at a luxury hotel named “Liberty”....

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